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What We Do

At Prestige School Solutions, our top priority is to effectively manage your school's finances while maximizing your ability to make the most of every private tuition and public educational dollar. Our services are rendered in an innovative manner, utilizing cutting-edge technology that reinforces our principal belief that accounting, budgeting, payroll, and compliance is an interactive, feedback-driven, and client-focused process.


From new schools embarking on their first year of operations to established schools that have been open for decades, Prestige's expertise in public and private schools ensures that your school will meet, improve, and exceed goals year after year.


Services include:

- Financial Accounting, Budget Reporting and Compliance

- Payroll and Human Resource Management

- Facilities Financing and Lending

- School Turnaround, Recovery and Academic Improvement

- Enrollment and Marketing

Financial Accounting/Budget Reporting/Compliance

Financial Accounting: Our team of school accounting professionals brings integrity and timeliness to school financial reporting. We provide on-demand, up-to-the-minute financial performance information that enables school leaders to make timely, informed decisions. Account balances are maintained in real-time, and financial and budget information is available at your fingertips via a secure, customizable, cloud-based dashboard accessible from any laptop, tablet or mobile device.


Budget Reporting: Prestige considers budgeting to be a necessary and critical function of school financial accounting and reporting. Very few providers invest the time with their clients that Prestige does, focusing on budget creation, revision, and monitoring. Our team of budget experts will help you set realistic, manageable budgets to maximize your resources and accomplish your goals.


Compliance: Prestige will establish and ensure ongoing legal and regulatory compliance through a systems-based, deadline-driven process to ensure that authorizers, financiers and stakeholders receive timely, accurate monthly, quarterly and annual reports. Our real-time reporting system is designed to detect problems before they arise and enable school directors and board members to strategically formulate action plans and solutions aimed at maximizing budget results and cash flow.

Payroll and Human Resource Management

Payroll: Every year the IRS assesses millions of dollars in employer penalties for employer reporting and tax errors. Your Prestige team takes the worry out of payroll by accurately managing all payroll and payroll tax functions.  

No Penalty Guarantee: Our schools enjoy a "No Penalty Guarantee" thereby eliminating any risk of costly penalties and interest due to payroll errors.  

Human Resources: Our intuitive HR Management systems automate employee onboarding, paid-leave requests and tracking, E-Verify and New Hire compliance and annual evaluations.

School Financing and Lending

Facilities Financing and Working Capital: Prestige School Solutions is a key partner in leveraging its longstanding relationships with school lenders, investors and developers to enable schools to grow through new construction, renovations or acquisition of facilities.  Schools benefit from our extensive knowledge, contacts and background in public and private financing thus ensuring our schools receive the most competitive rates available.


Risk Mitigation (for Lenders): Prestige’s risk mitigation and monitoring service is a synthesized set of real-time and periodic reporting and feedback mechanisms that, during the early years of operation, identify leading indicators of weaknesses within school leadership, management, instruction, finances and governance. Early detection, combined with intervention and effective remediation, reduce investment uncertainty and potential loss.

School Turnaround, Recovery and Academic Improvement

When a school discovers that critical deficiencies exist in areas such as academics, financial reporting, special education or compliance that place the school at risk, they can harness Prestige’s 30+ years of successful financial, classroom and school management experience. 

Prestige assists with every aspect of school improvement and corrective action, including academic programming.  The Prestige team provides struggling schools with the tools to diagnose academic achievement shortcomings and build successful strategies to improve outcomes and avoid revocation.

Enrollment and Marketing

Prestige School Solutions helps its schools to connect classrooms with their communities.  We have more than two decades of experience helping schools successfully share the stories that make families want to join your school.  Our team will work with your school’s leadership to develop enrollment and marketing narratives designed to highlight your school’s mission and innovation to create a robust student recruiting plan with stellar results.