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New Charter School Toolbox

KM Consulting has been around since the beginning of the charter school movement, so we know what it takes to get a school started. We also know this can be an overwhelming time.

To help, we have developed the New Charter School Toolbox. This toolbox contains valuable information, tools and resources, specific to new charter schools. Below you will find a variety of documents, cheat sheets, vendor tracking forms and more that will streamline and simplify the new charter school process. We hope you find these tools useful and encourage you to contact us throughout the process to take full advantage of all the resources, knowledge and experience KM Consulting has to offer.

Check back often as we continue to add more resources to the toolbox.

New Charter Development Timeline

One of our most popular tools is the New Charter Development Timeline. This timeline gives you a high level overview of all the things involved in getting your new school up and running. Use it as a guide to navigate through the various sectors of Facilities, Human Resources, Student Enrollment and Operations. Combine the timeline with our additional resources such as tracking forms and funding options for a simple and easy to follow plan.

Contractor Info Sheet

Don't waste valuable time flipping through paperwork trying to find  who to call or check project deadlines. Our Contractor Info Sheet provides an easy way to organize information on all the contractors/vendors throughout the new charter school building and development process.  Use it to track contact names, deadlines, completion dates and more.

Universal Application for Commercial Credit

Tired of filling out the same information for every finance company you speak to? Our Universal Application for Commercial Credit consolidates that information into one generic form that most domestic lenders will accept.  Cut down on your paperwork. Fill it out once and you are ready to go.